Welcome to The Youtube Proxy, your number one source for accessing YouTube while at work or school. The Youtube Proxy uses proxy technology to bypass restrictions and firewalls that have been set up so that you are able to unblock your favourite websites that are otherwise restricted. When you use The Youtube Proxy, your connection is first routed through our servers before taking you to the website of your choice. This prevents your ISP or network administrator from seeing the content that you are actually accessing.

The Youtube Proxy is not limited to Youtube. You can use it to access any of your favourite websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Another benefit of The Youtube Proxy is that it hides your originating IP address. This provides extra privacy and security for your internet browsing needs. For more information on hiding your IP address, visit How Do I Hide My IP.

Your Ip is : - protect yourself.
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The Youtube Proxy allows you to easily watch videos on youtube and browse to all your favorite sites annonymously.